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Introducing Dodge City (Click pics below for day trips)
Located in Ford County, Dodge City is best known to the world as the home of Boot Hill, the infamous burial ground during Dodge City's wild west days and Front Street, made famous in the popular TV series, "Gunsmoke." The "Cowboy Capital" as it is often referred to, was founded in 1872, the same year the railroad came to town.

Mural Dodge City became a trade center for travelers and buffalo hunters and with the arrival of the railroad, a major shipping point. In a little over a decade from 1875 to 1886, over 5,000,000 cattle were driven up the Western Trail from Texas to Dodge City. Cowboys with time and money on their hands kept lawmen like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson busy. Dodge City continues to thrive but now cattle are fed in feed yards where cowboys continue to take care of them.
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Last Updated: April 27 2008